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Jerky | Truffle-O Bill

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Introducing the world's first and only truffle-infused beef jerky And it's not just an essence of truffle — this jerky is packed with authentic, imported-from-Italy umami goodness Enjoy alongside mild cheeses and feel fancy with your snacking

Some entrepreneurs start young, but few are as enterprising as Righteous Felon’s Brendan Cawley who, along with two friends, started pushing beef jerky (that he made using a dehydrator he bought with his birthday money) to his middle school classmates when he was twelve In the past two decades, Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel has only gotten better Whereas commercial beef jerky products are loaded with chemicals and preservatives, Righteous Felon produces 100% angus beef, marinated in spices, dried, and dehydrated right in West Chester, PA

Savor with red wine and wedges of fancy cheese, or keep with you for on-the-go snacking