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The TeaBook | Herbal Fruity/Mint: Caffeine Free Tea Sampler 2

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Can't have caffeine? We've got you covered with our variety of Fruity/minty pack of Herbal Caffeine Free blends of tea

20pk Cube - In a 100% recycled plastic gift cube

Each sampler contains a mix of:
*ImPeachMint Tea - Peach & Mint
*Fred Tea Mercury - Bohemian Raspberry
*Hippocrates: Med-TEA-cal Sage and Berry Tea
*Paul Revere: DenTEAstry Minty Fresh Tea
* AraMINTa Ross (Harriet Tubman) - Spearmint Orange Spice
* ShakeSpeareMint - Spearmint
* Barack "Tisane" Obama - Barry Berry Tea
*Vincent Van Goghji Berry Tea

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Made in United States of America