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Neck Massager

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1 The cervical spine massager follows the ergonomic design and conforms to the curve of the human neck
2 The cervical spine massager adopts the latest 3D intelligent fitting technology, which can intelligently identify human skin
3 Multifunction, intelligent control, simple operation, Intelligent voice
4 The cervical spine massager has six electric pulse modes: automatic, cupping, hammering, scraping, massage, and acupuncture
5 Low-frequency pulse, hot moxibustion, hot compress, and 3D smart fit to form a composite energy field
6 Type-C charging interface
7 The cervical vertebra massager adopts wireless remote control receiving function
815 levels of intensity adjustment
9 The 15-minute massage session will automatically shut down
10 Power-on default, mode 1, velocity 0
11 The blue light flashes when the battery is lacking, and the buzzer beeps once every 2 minutes When the battery is low, it shuts down, and presses three times to give an alarm when it is turned on