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Pop Tetris Fidget Game

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[High Quality]: This thrust toy is made of high-quality silicone material, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and healthy Sensory bubble toys are completely safe for children, can be washed and reused for a long time
[Relieve stress and anxiety]: Just press the mouse bubbles and they will make a slight popping sound; then flip over and start again! Push elastic toys are indispensable and effective household items for autistic and stressed patients, which can help them relieve anxiety and restore mood
[Multiple play methods]-The product is composed of multiple geometric bodies You can place all the modules in the frame in the shortest time to complete the jigsaw puzzle
[Puzzle game]: The kids love fidget puzzle toys with colorful silicone geometric jigsaw puzzles, this is a very interesting learning toy, suitable for children to learn colors, numbers, shapes and different patterns of architecture The perfect toy to keep your children away from TV, electronic games, and smart phones It is also a healthy gift for the elderly to keep their brains active and prevent brain degeneration
[Suitable for all ages]: Puzzle Pop it Very suitable for the brain development of children and the elderly